Saturday, 11 May 2013

Together we're a team..

Welcome to the Essendon Primary School Blog,

We wanted to introduce this blog to you - our community, friends and family - so we can improve communication and teamwork.  We will feature regular posts from our Principal and Vice Principal, and feature guest bloggers from time to time.

Working together as a team is crucial, and it features strongly in our school anthem. As you may be aware, we sing our school anthem at each assembly. It's more than a song, we live by it's words, and value the message in each line. I encourage you to discuss these messages with your children, and help them find examples of how they live with these philosophies in the school ground, in the class room and at home.

Our School Song:
                                              For higher quality - change your resolution
Essendon Primary School - School Song

We’re proud of Essendon
In black and red we’re dressed
We all believe in trying to always do our best.
We come from many countries
Our culture’s proud and strong
And together in Australia we know we all belong.

Together we work together we play 
Together we share a dream at Essendon Primary School
We all know together we’re a team.
We believe in caring 
We have a golden rule, care for one another at Essendon Primary 
We’re from Essendon Primary
Our school is just the best
All of us are proud of it 
And Essendon is proud of me. 

If you have any topics you would like covered, please let us know.